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Time For A Brand New Cover!

Hello everyone!

I haven't written anything for a while so I hope this grabs your fancy.

Perhaps this is very cheeky of me, yet, I am a little bit cheeky, I have now completed the final draft of the second part of the Folklore trilogy and am currently looking to produce the cover for Folklore: The Sand King.

So, would anyone like to have a go at producing a cover design for me based around the fonts and idea of the first part?

My thinking is a a scene of rolling desert, sand dunes with a lone individual walking along the pinnacle of on one of the dunes. Maybe walking away or towards the viewer. Of course, he will be the Sand King, Ra-Amun. Secondly, he could be in his stages of youth, as in the beginning of the sequel, in his teenage guise, or as the fully blown golden devil that he is in the first book.

The colour scheme could range from yellows, to orange, from red to purple-ling skies - the choice would be yours.

I f you would be interested in designing my cover, please get in touch, either via the website or via my email:

I look very much forward to hearing from you.

Take care out there folks!

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