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Hello Everyone!

Finally, after months of painful but well needed editing, '50 Berkeley Square' has been re-released. With a brand new cover, interior design and a new price tag, I am hoping that the book will finally reach the readers it was originally written for. Fans of great horror stories!

I had initially wanted the book to be accessible to all who had a penchant for reading about the unknown, the mysterious, the ghostly and the damn-right demonic, but its first release the book had been hampered by its demonic price tag! No wonder nobody wanted to read it.

But now, with liaising with my new publishing team, the price has been set at a competitive rate of £9.99 for a Paperback and £2.99 for an e-book. Much nicer. However, because copies of the original have been printed, there are still copies on sale with the original price (or near-about) in both Paperback and Hardcover.

I hope people will now be drawn towards the revised offering and, of course, like it. If you have anything you would like to share about '50 Berkeley Square,' whether it be something related to the house or you are just interested in asking me any questions about it or anything else, please get in contact via the links.

I would also like to announce that I have had the time to re-edit 'The Redemption of Dr William Thomas: Shadows from the Dark City' and I am happy with how that has turned out. Of course, there would be many professionals out there that would say, "Never edit your own work as a final draft,' and that I would totally agree with, as my editing skills are not the best. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial capabilities of hiring a copy-editor or proof-reader to help me with this, so, although I have spent many hours on the re-edit and re-edit of the re-edit and the re-edit of the re-edited edit of '50 BS' and 'Redemption,' I must confess that both would still require a final and definitive scrutiny of the text.

Along with 'Redemption,' I have started another edit of 'Folklore' because as I read it back for the fourteen-thousandth time, I just didn't like certain sections of chapters, and therefore I have added/removed sections that either aid the flow of the story or removed stuff that I felt hindered it pace. Although they aren't massive changes but I feel that they definitely spruce up the novel making it richer in places and more fluid as a story. Of course, when I am able to do so, both 'The Redemption' and 'Folklore' will go out for re-publication as well.


I am very happy to announce that the second part of the 'Folklore Trilogy' 'Folklore: The Sand King, is nearing completion of its first draft. I am currently just over 100,000 into the creation of the sequel and the further adventures of Lyca, Grinan and their Me-Ampthian friends along with the back story of who The Sand King really is. I am very excited with how the book is shaping up and have some wicked ideas about other folktales to twist and turn into new and unsightly myths that I'm ready to share with you. I have the outline figured out for the third part of the trilogy but as yet it has no title, as I'm uncertain as yet which of the many paths will be the most significant to the Folklore journey, but I'm loving it and can't wait until all three parts are out there for everyone to read.

Thank you and stay safe!


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