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David J McCran

Author and an all round, nice guy!!

Welcome to my website. As an Author, I aim to create a better understanding of the world and our place in it by exploring the uncomfortable recesses of our psyche and taking the readers on a journey of discovery... and enjoyment.

I like to look at the world and see wonderful things, and with that comes the things we would rather not see.

Sometimes we struggle to define these 'things' and we need places to go to help us understand the unpleasantness that happens - to offer us some relief. 

I like to think that my novels offer a small insight into the fantasies and horrors that we experience within our hectic lives, as well as tendering entertaining stories for you to enjoy.

This website shall be updated with news of my new and latest works as well as opening a blog about all of my books and some special stuff!! 

Please take a look at my works and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via this site.

Thank you for your support. You are great!

50 Berkeley Square

The re-release of the brand new version of 50 Berkeley Square has landed. It was finally published on the 9th July 2021 and is available as a paperback or e-book on most online, book-selling sites, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Page Turner Press & Media plus many, many more.

The price for the release has been lowered considerably from the offensive and outlandish prices set by my previous publishers. You can pick up the paperback for £9.99 ($11.99) and the e-book for £2.99 ($2.99). Much better for everyone's pocket!

Go on, treat yourself!!!

A Bit About Me

Welcome to my website! I live in the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln in the United Kingdom and I’ve always been passionate about storytelling. I am always captivated by the influence stories have on people and the decisions they make in life. I love to engage with thunderous enthusiasm the projects I undertake, diving headfirst into the research, the investigations, and production of stories that I feel are worth writing about. I am a curious and proactive Author, interested in preserving the foundations set by classical literature and adapting them to modern themes and trends. 

If you are at all interested in any of my books, or just want to know a bit more about me and my writing, my books are available to purchase, so please get in touch!

Love to you all and stay safe! 


A Story of Discovery!

In the northern-most lands of known existence, and in the peaceful village of Me-Ampth, a spirited young girl; Lyca, is forced to live within the boundaries set by centuries of tradition.
In time, Lyca finds herself rebelling against these customs, suspecting that she was destined for something greater.
From within the village community, an uprising of mistrust threatens to destroy all that the people of Me-Ampth have created and, forced into exile, Lyca begins to learn who she really is.
Conflicted between who she is and who she was, the young girl is prophesised to stop mankind destroying the world on which they live and reclaim the natural force of The Mother.
Through the guidance of an unlikely friend, young Lyca must lead mankind back to The Mother, as well as confronting the most destructive force which has ever existed, arising from the desert realms of the distant south.

It has finally arrived!
The re-edited, re-designed and re-published edition!



A Story that is more than just about ghosts!

Jim Cartwright is drawn to a house on Berkeley Square and is taken on a journey through centuries past. The supposed suicide of a beautiful girl, apparently launched from an upper window of the seemingly most haunted house in London. 
Whilst trying to discover why he found himself in Mayfair, he seeks to find the reason for the girl's death. As a consequence, Jim is hurled into a world of pure evil and horrific hauntings putting his life in extreme danger!


The Redemption of Dr William Thomas

Shadows from the Dark City

Dr Thomas is a religious man wracked with conflict. Besides this, his concentrated devotion to medical science has created a burning desire to eradicate the squalor and sickness of the degenerate areas of London.

With his wife critically ill and with no hope of recovering her health, Dr Thomas takes a huge leap into the darkness that is consuming him and the city he loves!

Please note: This title is currently only available as an


Notebook and Pen

“Horror is not simply a literary genre. It is a reality. Those who read horror are closer to understanding its malevolent nature and the engrossing peril of its hold. Whereas those who don't haven't a clue until it is far too late to save themselves from the horror.”

A.K. Kuykendall

The Possession

Thanks for submitting!

SFW in The City Sheffield, Oct 2018 Adam the Host and myself after a day of interviews and selling.


I would like to thank several people for the journey so far!

Firstly, I have had the privilege of having chosen the wonderful 4Edge Ltd under the watchful eye of David Button. My books have been produced with the highest quality excellence and I thank everyone who works there for their skills and cooperation to realise my writing dreams.

Secondly, I wish to thank Vivlia Ltd for the distribution of my ebooks.

Thirdly, I wish to thank Ian Hutchins, of Ian Hutchins Creative for designing the covers for The Redemption of Dr William Thomas and Folklore, and Henry Young for designing the cover for 50 Berkeley Square.

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